Next Big Thing

Today, feels like long day I ever had, so many works and many times used for many things to do.

Not blogging for about 1 week was so boring at holidays time like this. The baddest things is when you already has much pic to posted in your blog and your internet acces is overlimit and have no money to buy pulse so you can acces your internet again. Awkward ha? You know, every I took some pic with my camera in days, I really wanna posted ‘em fastly into my blog, I wanna share to the worlds about my own activities and own thoughts. But, internet was the leader right? If you wanna posted somethin’ into your blog, one important you’ll need is internet. It’s okay as long I can posted ‘em even late.

Anyways, so many mark date this January. In Jan 14 Raka’s 1st birthday, Jan 18 B’s birthday, Jan 19 Our 2nd anniversary, Jan 28 Kopong’s birthday.

January I love January! Here we go!