Another Busy Tuesdays

Tuesday. This is become one of most haters day ever! Hm, just because this is become busiest day ever.
Here the list :
1. Go to campus to consult with lecture
2. Call for making an appointment
3. Have lunch with B
4. Back to campus and meet up
5. Go to stationary store buy some post it paper
6. Have to ride heavy way
7. Go home and alhamdulilah have an ice tea for two
8. Take a nap for few hours
9. Cooking for dinner with sister
10. Sleep zzzzz

Today is Valentines Day, right? I would like to wish you in love today guys!
Anyways, even today was busy day. I wore pink polo shirt and converse sneakers.
This was Kiki's birthday prize from her friend, even her birthday is over a month ago. Awesome prize for a girl like her. Juventus is good enough ;)

And, this was B. Look at him! He already wearing a bright cloth :)