All In: Dreams Had Got To Wait

Hangout with friends yesterday. Such as a friends who never have been met for a long time. We talked about our dream, passion, and priority in our lifes.We are going to anywhere as we like. :)

I wear :
unbranded orange top / Mango black belt / Piere Cardin bag / Malioboro bracelet / Cantona vintage shoes /

Here is friend's dreams
Dilla's : I wanna go to Surabaya to meet him. I wanna buy these clothes. I wanna be more thin. I wanna married on about 23 to 24. I wanna passed my study about 4 years later. I would like to work at magazine coorporation or kind of this.
Riska's : I wanna finish all of my trouble with him. I wanna buy new shoes. I wanna meet him as soon as possible. I would like to take a part time job at Abank Irenk photography.
Arinta's : I wanna go home as soon as possible. I wanna have some fat in my body. I wanna passed my study in time. I wanna take all the risk and make my carrier be more succes.
Linggar's : I wanna be like Dian Pelangi. I wanna meet Dian Pelangi. I wanna be friends with Dian Pelangi. I wanna knows rich person. I wanna all.

Everybody has a dream. You just can saves all of your dream or you will spread all of your dream and never giving up to try make it all becomes real and true. Actually, dreams are humans begins.