Phespa Days out #3

Phespa is out!!

 Tired and excited face in one! Arrived destionation number 1 : Sidomukti, Bandungan

Bag festival! We're going an adult now. Bag is must have item ever!
 Bul's bag
Mami punk's bag
 Oce's and Beby's bag
 My bag by DM's house
Phespa girls in frame
 Taking pictures could be a silly sometimes when waiting too long
 Ditta and I
Alread eat!
 Hungry and sleepy face. Arrived destionation number 2 : Jimbaran
 Hajid and I ~ couple for a day
Leaving destination and going back to home.

Beautiful day, it was totally one day short reunion met.
I love you Phespa
~ Ketua Kelas as Pak Ketu, Woh a.k.a. Ipul
~ Bos Su
~ Kembel
~ Hajid a.k.a. Hajul
~ Bondan
~ Farikh
~ Andan
~ Ridho
~ Mami punk
~ Bulbul
~ Oce
~ Ateh
~ Dian
~ Febri
~ Anna
~ Beby
~ Ditta