Parties: Adien Mumun

This is my fave time when hangout with my college girls mate, when I attended an invitation to birthday simple celebration! You know that! Dress time, Make-up on, and also High heels!
I completly forgot what day was that, but I had much fun time!
And for an information, why does the pic colors becomes a little bit pale, and more brigths, bcs this is Adien's camera, its Canon, I dont know its type. And this is already progammed to Aquamarie screen. Sorry if there's a mistakes with these writing.
This beatiful girl is Adien, which had a birthday! Just look at our chin, its so orange, and looks like wearing much blush, and in fact we dont, its just bcs a pic effect.
This is Kiki, Adien, and me! I dont really sure if there's a dresscode in this dinner, bcs Adien doesnt ask us to, luckly, my dress is similar to Kiki!
This is my girls! Actually my college girls mate! I love them!
Here I wanna tell u about my random knowledge about my girls outfit!
Kiki, she wore a simple short black dress, and used a gladiator shoes (I dont really sure what name it is) which is from Peter Keiza, anyways, those shoes are our gift to Kiki's 19 birthday on last December. Kiki is kindda girl who less make-up on her face, and honestly her face is TOTALLY weird when she wearing too much make-up :p
second, Brenda, she's bigger than us, I mean a little bit bigger, I dont think she would be happy if she read these in my blog which is everybody from around the world could see it. She wore a blue-red pattern dress, it pattern is so so awesome bcs its combination betweem square and circle. Bcs its too short, she wore a black tight. No heels! Just flat!
Adien, you can see her? She's very care about her whole body, you know, girls stuff. She loved to wear high heels, wedges, and stuff, and skirt, tanktop. I can say that she's the most girly!
and, last, Dinda. She's a cute tomboy girl, she can mix a girl look and a little bit tomboy look!
This is my boyfriend! Ups, kidding!
My peace symbol necklace, from Aim Store! You can check another cute necklace, bracelet, or rings there. Just search in Facebook : Aim Store.

i wore :
unbranded polkadot black dress / unbranded vintage bag
fladeo high heels/