Food Hunter Is Gettin' Wilder

Today, I mean, 10th April 2012, was my friend's birthday, her name is Adien, we called her Mumun bcs its from her dad name, it was so funny made an idioms from her dad name. Those book are our gift to her, which is we are not give that to her yet, sorry about that :P
And I also had a very exciting lunch at Robuchon, Paragon Mall, Semarang, its like about 5 KM away from my house, its pretty far, but not too far if away from my college. Had lunch with Dinda and Brenda, and you know what, for this lunch I owned lot money from Brenda. Thanks, Brenda!!!<3 <3
 I called it as pretty black white Blackberry.
 It's Brenda, she always get mega super frustated about FOOD things!
A little gift from Kiki, I love ya Ki!