Girl's Day Out All Day Long

Had a good time w/ Brenda, alone. At downtown, Ciputra Mall, also bought some stuff, girl stuff. This is my first time against my mom rules: Donot wear a mini dress in public and donot going out when afternoon sun. I don't asking her permission if she favor or oppose about these, I think I am big enough.
And, Brenda introduced me w/ her new bf, it's a great honour to met him, wish we could meet again. His name was Bella Okkymega Atha Priya, such a girl name but he doesn't looks like a girl at all.
Bought unnecessary thing also at Halmark.

I was so busy so i didnt take any pic of my outfits today. But btw, i wore this top then i made them into my middle mini dress i paired them with my clog i recently purchased.