All In: Lebaran #2

At the following next day, we're all went to my uncle's place at Temanggung. By car and a little bit had a fight for a stupid seat with my sister and also took about 2 hours to get there. All those long trip never been happen if the traffic wasn't crowded and sunny weather. Officially, I hate sitting in car for hours and watched unmove cars around me, and plus I hate being starving for hours because it was impossible to stop and had a food.
When I get there, all of my regret and sorrow after had a such boring trip payed by wonderful sight, cold weather and kind people. There was a small village I don't know what it named and it's been also such a rush, u'll see why.
Here we go.

I didnt using any makeup today. And i wore unbranded leather jacket, unbranded tshirt, Logo jeans and sandals (im sorry u cant see that)