All In: Lebaran #1

Happy Idul Fitri for all those celebrating and minal aidzin wal faidzin.
This year Lebaran, my small family went to grand's house as usual to meet my big family. It has to be great because I always got a great chance to apologize to those people, and jackpot! Got a huge number of money, I don't know is everybody still did this lebaran's culture, but I'm guite enjoy that.
And at the noon, we're all went to aunt's house at Salatiga to visited her new house.

Morning face.

Family shoot time!!
 Beloved grand! Still pretty!
 These are not a Gucci purse, I dont really know what symbol was that.

Trip tp Salatiga
I never had enough taste to decribe how my family loves to dressed up nicely when Lebaran is nearly coming, like today. But, my family are taken a simple Lebaran concept: BACK TO BASIC. So, i have always wore something clean and fresh: white is my choice.
Otherwise, my uncles and aunties are rather to prefer to pop colors, like full-colored way. It was fun too, showing off ur color when the big day is right around the corner.
I usually always purchased a new outfit for every Lebaran.