Another Thursday

I love Thursday, and also love everyday. But this Thursday felt different because I made a gold times between boys and girls which is I’d been waiting for along time. And I think I’ve done something newer and better.
And another good thursday was I was supposed to be presenting my homework to entire class, with no good luck, my team mate weren't coming because of I don't know the reason why. And my bestfriend Brenda as a moderator was did something good. She didn't tells my group to presented our home work. Again, my single best friend is my survival from the death. That's why this is a good thursday.
This was also gonna be Brenda's first showing off to our about her new couple shoes with her bf. I get it, they just a newly couples madly in love each other.
To Sarah, thanks to u a lot u brought those magic camera phone I love those phone and little bit loves u. And Dicky, u rock, dude!