The Next Day

Dear, shoes.
Hey how are u? Are u fine to hold every my step? Are u not jealous everytime I am not wears u? I hope u okay and is in great condition. If u're not just let me know, okay?
Look, I really terrible sorry about what I did to u. I just washed u about 3 times since my bf bought u in 2011. U are from my bf. And I promise to take care of u. U'd my words sister or brother whatever u called.
Honestly, u are a great converse I had after my old school converse I had about 5 years ago. She already passed away becuase I hurted her by painting her. And my mom decided that her best place was a junk. I promise those things are never happen to u my dearest converse. Because u are mine now, I love u more. I'm not a lesbian please don't u see at that way, I love u because u are my best girlfriend.
I know I've been selfish. I'm sorry when I wore another shoes I swear I never forget u. One thing u need to know, next day and every next day, u've always in my mind. And on the next day when they asked me about how's my blue converse, I'll go answer them: 'It's not ur business u dammit! It's my shoes not urs'.
I wore u yesterday, I hope u'll be fine tomorrow.
From the most pretty girl in the world, Kristika.