Here are 'little things' about One Direction
Why I loved them? There are a few reasons :
1. They were so cooool, cute, amazing, incredible, and awesome
2. Their song sooo touched every girl's heart in entire world
3. They stick together to make their dreams come true
4. They were not just like a typical boyband of the year, for me, boyband of lifetime
5. They sooo kind and warm to all their biggest fans (I just followed by Niall Horan, I thoght that was fake account of Niall Horan, OMG! It was real!!!)
6. Each member could sang
7. They became the first British's musician who could be the #1 in USA only at their first album
8. I'm sooo sooooo loved Niall Horan and Liam Payne
9. There was lof of their poster in my room
10. I'm sooooo sure, it was not just temporarely condition I loved them, it would be forever. I don't care what they say: U are not the only person who loved them, maybe there is millions girl who loved them more than u.
And when people says that, I would say, 'What the hell'