Stop Me

Costs November
This November feels like difficult month I've been through. Maybe it is an effect of the end of year is coming soon and closer. Even I have no idea why does. I spent much thing for unexplained reason, idiot huh? Yup, I think that was me.
Speaking of November, I had someone special I'd like to talk about. It's been like half a year I've been spent with my laptop all by my side, without someone to talk late nite. Sad, but this is maybe would be the best way before the worst way comes. 27th November would be great if I could be there with him but I knew 'chapter us' has already closed. Still, I would be happy for him.
Anyways, usually I loved November and December, because, there is longer holiday time, I am a holiday person for sure. I have no doubt about my plan spending December. I will be spend my holiday in Yk with my family for christmas, we didn't celebrate christmas actually, we visit my mom's fams who celebrated it. Even it is jusy for in weekend I would still be glad because finally I've got an exciting holiday even just for a while. The thing about Yk, end year shopping time! OMG! It already sounds really great and cool.
And about costs November :
1. I ordered much things this is an Oriflame things (I just can't stand out my self to denied it)
2. TeKa is coming this November for 3 days it means Rp 150.000
3. My personal things is totally empty I need to buy a new ones
4. J have his birthday this month so I need to give him something