It Is Not The End

....it's over...
Ever heard those? I did. Once when Brenda tells me about Kiki's broke up story. I don't know the detail yet maybe I do but I did not listening to Brenda well.
Typical Sunday, Brenda Kiki and Brenda's bf went downtown to the mall. Kiki's bf came to them in the middle of their conversation. Kiki and her bf talked not so long and they just looks like typical talking couples. When he left, Kiki says "IT'S OVER". Brenda told me the reason, he says that when they had relationship as boyfriend-girlfriend it doesn't makes any benefits in between, Kiki doesn't changes better so does him. I think that was stupidest reason for breaking up thing I ever heard. So Kiki suddenlt found her eyes full with tears and she couldn't face that those tears dropped in her cheeks. When u need to cry, find a right shoulders and cry on even out loud. None will ever bothering u while u crying.
If I were Kiki, I wouldn't be that strong, kept my tears behind, and faced the truth that it was over at all. I just couldn't. I tried once, and doesn't working out so well. When my proud-love-story was over, at least I need a time to sleep and sit. A few days I think. Maybe the 2013's trends has influenced anybody to think 'short' maybe even in everything.
I was so proud of her she kept those sadness in public safely, stay cheering up and smiling. Maybe it was the right time for her to get to think longer not shorter. Shorter it will be great in fashion, but in life sometimes or it has to be longer enough.
And how she do that? I think if she had 'cheer up' closet in her room she had already opened that and wore the brightest and the cutest sweater ever to keep her warm and keep her smile. She would be added in back of her sweater, 'what the hell'.