Life Time Hero

These are my lifetime hero
..."U may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...."
Okay, that quote has nothing to do with this post right now.
I'd like to tell u about my lifetime hero. I'm gonna say out loud :
I know their music was 100% different at all, but stills, they are all were my hero.
They might be different in music, performance, style and anything!
Jonas Brother, they were so cool at all and I loved them alot! My most fave song ever is When You Look Me In The Eyes and Lovebug! OMG! I can't even tell why, they were just mega super duper stucking in my head!
Never Shout Never, okay who like these? I loved them alot. Their song also stuck in my head every single day! When I listened to their music the first thing came out is 'if I could sing with them, I would be so happy to death'
One Direction, I'm sooo speechless. Don't know what to do at all and don't know what to say at all when I heard their name.