Another October Faves

Great deal from Carrefour, I've got so many great deal like ever.
1. Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight for Rp 13.000
2. Nivea Body Lotion Rp 22.000
3. Ellips Hair Vitamin for Rp 11.000
4. Bonus from Nivea lotion Nivea Natural Volume (some kinda lipbalm or lipgloss)

And also Vaseline Men for bf. I thought I just got enough money why not buy him some? Hehehehh. I just tried Ovaltine in box. I don't even know Ovaltine has a box milk.
I really excited about these ones, is.... Oriflame! it is flaming and absoulutly incredible, ever! I just told by friend that she has an Oriflame's products last month and she offered me those and she really got me going crazy.
1. Pure Nature Organic Jasmine Extract Exfoliating Peel Off Mask for Rp 20.000, the real price Rp 49.000
2. Oriflame Beauty Whitening Foundation for Rp 40.000, the real price Rp 119.000
3. Oriflame Beauty Lash Explosion Mascara for Rp 50.000, the real price Rp 139.000
4. Oriflame Nature Coconut & Ricemilk Moisterizing Shampooo for 10.000, the real price about Rp 30.000
I have to admit that was incredible things and also the greatest deal of the month. I loved October.