October's Favorites 2012!!!!!

It’s October and there’s no bad time to renew and buy my things this month. I think it would be long because I bought many kind of stuff to complete my daily or weekly or monthly needs.
And I just found these stationery at the nearest super market from my college, there is a coolest paper case. Look at those picture! LONDON! Which is I love London alot, it's like I just got closer to my biggest dream ever, trip to London!! I hope so! There's a brief case and pen.
Faber Castel Lady Bird pencil, I just loved it, so cute!
Big thanks to Sarah gave me those cute things! (pink and black)
I got these from drugstore nearest from my plcae ^^
1. Maybelline Blush Studio Cheeky Glow, Ro 31.500.
2. Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Pressed Powder, Rp 26.000.
3. Laurier Super SlimguardI changed my soap bath to Lervia Shower Cream Milk and Avocado, Rp 14.000. Not too diferent from my last soap.
4. ZInc Shampoo, for around Rp 4.000
5. Candy Clean&Lasting Eyeliner for Rp 10.000
6. Lervia Milk&Avocado Shower Cream for around Rp 13.000
7. Schick Exacta 2 for Rp 8.000
8. Push Pop Candy free. This is 'CANDY OF THE MONTH'
an last 9. Just Miss Eyeshadow for Rp 15.000

I'm a little bit late for October's favourites, but I'm still like doing it even late.