I do surf the internet almost every single day, but nor fot blogging, to look up my task in Google, and sends an email to my teacher. I do wish that I could stay stune in blog and blogging everytime I want to, and I can write enything in my mind what's happens in my day. But I couldn't, I am busy student with a lot of things to do, like study, do my homerwork, tidy up my onw room, and be a babysitter to my bro while his mom, my sister, is out. Such a busy dan and tired day I ever had. I've never had this kinda time ever in my life, and honestly I'm a little bit started to not enjoying my own time. I mean I do need 'me time', But actually when I'm all alone by my own I never use my own time very well and like typical teenager like me, they use their own private time to did a beauty stuff, but for me, 'me time' is when I sleeping and noone's disturb.
And there's lots of things that I missed when I'm not blogging since last week. When I had time to blogging I always tried to post alot as I can as while I can. And again, now I'm blogging and there's so much fun thing to do, like redesign mu blog layout, or adding my links, and stuff.
First, I also been amazed with Merilla May ,she's been doing tutorial and beauty stuff in her blog and she really doin great and knows how to do. I also loved the way she told us how to do and it is soooo easy-to-understand, for me  I guess. This is also easy for us who Indonesian to understand, and don't u worry if u're not an Indonesian, u can translate them there's a 'translate' in her blog. I think she would be do some others fantastic in her blog, I know she was a beginner, so was I.
Second, I just checked on in Sonia Eryka's blog, I know it may like I don't even know her, it would be soo silly, because I just knew for my boys, she like a teen queen in blog world. I'm abit like her.
Third, there's so much a great deal, new arrivals in online shops. U really have to check on
# Up! in www.iwearup.com
# Cloth in in www.clothinc-shop.com
# Oriflame Indonesia in www.oriflame.co.id
# Marie Ann in www.marieannclothing.com
They had really really great new products!
Fourth, I've been through an amzed things ever. I'll tell u in another day.

So, that's all I'd like to tell.