I love having a relax time in my time, which is it's been so rare in my time since I was already in college year ago. My entire day filled with so many task, study (not really), lisence to the lecturer, and separates my time schedule every single day. Maybe what I said sounds a bit too much. I'm not really that busy girl. Just, I'm still looking for my own quality time.
I spent most home day time watching tv and this ain't lie, I was stunning in HBO, Disney Channel and MTv Asia. I'm so glad those things are amuse me. Honestly I just can't avoid it, everytime I turn my tv on, I straight to Disney Channel, and next to MTv Asia, finally my everlasting show, HBO. Maybe I really really need to get this thing straight this is not an ad, promotion or stuff. This is all my own opinion.
Talk about HBO, I was madly inlove with TrueBlood, How To Make It In America, H20:Just Add Water, Connor Undercover, and Bored To Death. Those serial was totally killing time. I could spend hours to watch unmove. Because commercial free in HBO which is also makes me having so much fun to watch. And about TrueBlood, thank god it was moving to Thursday and I don't have to lie my bf when he asked me out and I lied to him that I'm sick or watching my brother, and else. How To Make It In America, oh I wish I could be those one of luckiest girl who ever knew such as gorgeus guys, they all Crisp.
H20, I love Nikki, Cleo, and Emma, but at season 3 Emma has been replaced by Isabella, I don't really know why or how she had replacing by new girl, I don't watch thoses episode. But that's too bad because these serial are no longer on HBO.
Connor Undercover, protect President's daughter, Gisella, from the enemy of Cordoba, Azul. Such as a spying comedy teenager serial. I love the way Gisella dressed and face the problem.
Bored To Death, this is the most ridicilous serial I ever watched, the star was so funny and looks idiot too :D eheheh.

AND!! THIS IS MY FAVE SERIAL TV ON MTV ASIA : AWKWARD. This is the story about Jenna, Matty and Jake. Jenna was the ex girlfriend of Matty, which is Matty was Jake's bestfriend. And Unaccidently, Jenna has been relationship with Jake, and Jake doesn't know if Matty and Jenna were girlfriend-boyfriend. And every single moment who ever Jenna been trough is always awkward and sucks. U really have to check this out.

Like kid, I love Disney Channel, they have launched brand new serial 'Gravitty Falls'. I love this cartoon because this is little more an adrenalin, thrilling, and such as mysterious serial ever. This is also a bit different with Phineas and Ferb, because this is different, hahaha, I don't know what to say but it is cool.
I really really want to thank to HBO for been such as greatest home box office ever! It is sooo sooo sooooooo cool. And, Disney Channel Asia, but please the show must be showen as an original Disney's character. Because I'm started boring about every re-repeating movies, or serial, except Phineas and Ferb, and Gravitty Falls, please don't replace them. pleaseeee. And I also been sick with Upin and Ipin, and Boboi Boy show, they're not even Disney cartoon, please replace them by some kinda great an old show, like Kim Possible, Totally Spies, and Kuzco (I don't remember the name of show) Those show are very Disney and I also love it alot!
"MTV ASIA, u really let me down, please don't be selfish okay? I really uncomfortable with subtitles 'Malaysia' in serial TV show. Maybe u should be more fair with showen subtitles in every different place in Asia."

That's all, I think I wrote too much, sorry.