December Blash!!!!!

I know it's not Janury yet, but I juts couldn't stand it to wait posting my December blashing! I guess that's a title I made hehehe. I don't know what is that meant but it's pretty cool!
These are my december's fave! All of them was super duper awesome (I think), I just felt sooooo happy owned them! SO u can see those two Gogirl Agenda I got it from Gogirl magazine for sure those are a yearly agenda! Super cool! And, my LT PRO lipstick palette, and also super mega cool! I loved the colour on the palette! Looks like holiday colour, and it is holiday season I just loved it!
And, my Union Jack pen, so cool and honestly I'm using them lately, when I bought it at about November / October I don't really remember hehehe.
And, my book, I've already owned it since I was at primary school I just found it in my storage box so I decided to read them and the story's super ridicilous, anyway u can find it: Terence Blacker's book in Ms Wiz! Can u see my pink pencil case? I owned them since I was 13 and it's still good and no broken at all! I loved Power Puff Girls anyways and I think there's not such a shame things to share hehehe. And, there is a make up base pic at fourth box, these are LT PRO Corrective, I think it's such a foundation with concealer on it and I can tell u than it works so amazing!!!
My new hair cut!!!

Since I was at college there's alot things to find and share, I just found me at the midle of food station in my college area and it's so makes me always starve and starve any minutes from. And, I found these! KIMMY BUN! Tasted similar to Roti Boy only it's cheaper and smaller, even smaller the tasted still good and I can tell u that for honest I can't stop eating them. They are available in 4 different tasted: Original Coffee, Vanilla Chocohips, and Cheese. Hm, I think they are in 3 different tasted, aren't they? My recommended was Vanilla Chocochips and Cheese flavour, it was so delicious.

Last week, I had a golden time with my friends, technicly we would be stayed in home, resting, studying, or even eating all day long. This is the big time I've been waiting for and I've already wrote my to-do list while I'm having these time as possible as I can.
Here was the lists :
1. Sleeps all day
2. Didn't do a showers
3. Hibernates under blanket
4. Watching a TV all day
5. Back sleep again
Exciting right? I thought so. I have to use my golden time to took a rest, sleep, relaxing, and have 'me time'. This is quite fun.
On last day, I had presentation to presenting it was about Food and Beverages corporations, I was concerning at J.co Donuts and Coffee, how they manage an issues happened in 2008 about their products. Alhamdulilah, I can make it throught and so were my friends, Mumun, Azizah, Agung.
And I've to talk to my Pendidikan Kewiraan's professor about my presentcy, u know this is all sucks. And, alhamdulilah again, I made it. And also, Penulisan Naskah Kehumasan, and Media Relations presentcy.
So, this is the last day, so this is my last day to ate at Kantin Hukum, it was a next to my campus, about 5 minutes walking. The meal is pretty nice, not that nice but I'm quite enjoy it. There was no place like those at my campus, and to had lunch or even an afternoon snack we'd to walked there. And this is my last lunch with Mumun