Christmas Breakfast: Hot Cinnamon Milk and Food

Saturday... I woke late in afternoon found my self all alone in my house, so I checked on freezer, and it kicks me: I made a great private breakfast by my self. There's only milk and eggs.
It was so easy to made and could be one of your breakfast. Healthy and delicious. I like to make an easy breakfast meals because i barely have time in the morning, and i am not a breakfast-kinda girl. I have always skipped breakfast and rather to eat at lunch. And who doesnt love Christmas? Everybody does. Even i didnt practiculary celebrating Christmas, my family does. I made a super EASY breakfast meals: Cinnamon milk and omelet. 
Cinnamon Milk makes two cup
Ingredients :
two cups milk
two tsp powdered cinnamon
two tbs sugar (if you want to add more sugar just go!)
How : boil a milk into a pan (I'm using a regular boiling pan) and let it boiling for one or two minutes. Add a sugar, stir using a stainless big spoon (if you're using a plastic, make sure that it protects with heatproof), and last add cinnamon and you're done! I tastes the milk first checking up if the cinnamon flavour has mixed. There you go, you have hot cinnamon milk in the Christmas morning.
Now, the omelet. Vegetables omelet makes two serves
Ingredients :
three eggs (all of it)
a bunch of celery, chop
carrot, chop whatever you want
cabbage, small chop
one tsp salt + pepper
five tbs vegetable oil / oil olive 
one tbs margarine (this is optional)
How : all you have to is mix the eggs into a bowl, add salt + pepper, all your vegetables and preheat your stove with a frying pan and your oil and your margarine, and fry it to cook, into a nice golden brown with a small flame to make sure that the vegetables are cooked.

As easy as that.