Christmas Holiday 2012

Christmas Short Holiday Time!!
What did I say about worst week? No, time to take a revenge! I'm so damn ready to blow my self into a deepest relaxing time, which called: holiday. I'm sooo soooo admired them all the time, I'm a holiday person but I can't took a vacation all the time. It's been like a dissapointed months, bored months, and puked months. Feels like I wanna puke but I couldn't. I don't even know why what I'm talking about????
Thanks to my uncle in Tangerang for planned all of this! Even honest I'm so out of cash, it was zero rupiah at all. Found out actually the whole trip is already payed by him at all, thank god and thank to my uncle. I was on the bus with my cousin, my aunt, and my big sister. My mom, my dad, and my little brother were already take off to somewhere. 
I didn't tell u guys yet where I'm going, but I bet u've already figured that out. I just heard that my brother was so attractive and fired up and 100% for sure he was in best level of fun he ever has. He can't stop yelled or even jumped at the car, he was on the car with my uncle, another aunt, my 2 cousins. He went to stars on that day and soo sooo attractive.
All trip long, I slept and my cousin just as me. I was avoiding the puking tragedy as I had in every trip on the bus, especially on big bus. Seems like miracle walked away of me, they went to someone elses place, and jackpot! I'm actually puked all over my jeans, my seat, and cross my window bus. They were smells like choco, I know it was so disgusting but it was! And I just knew that I ate TOO many brownies. I felt so bad for people whom on the bus with me that day :(((((((((

And, here I go! Arrived at Yk! So much fun! And straight to my another uncle's house to rested, take a shower, and dressing up to the church. I'm not actually Christian, but I really enjoyed my time at chruch on Christmas eve, I like to take a pic there and looked down into the huge christmas decoration, starts, and christmas smells. I can't describe what was those but it smells great! So, my church nite was failed, totally!
At the morning, I woke up so early bcs the mosquitos has wake me up, no wonder, our room straight to my uncle's garden. My sister, brother, cousins, uncle, aunt and I went to Alun-alun Kidul to have morning fresh. We walked, have a breakfast, and went back to my other uncle's house. 
i wore: unbranded long t-shirt, unbranded pj, and BATA sandals
Next holiday trip: Go to the beach and becoming like Bitchy Beach, yes I am! I wore red maxi dress and my convers. Still catching :D Took 2hours trip, we finally have something to eat! Everyhing I can eat when starving. And arrived to first beach: Pantai Drini= white sand, blue water, huge island to climbed, and great place! I had very much fun there, took a picture, swim at the sand, get wet, heat sun, sounds like beach! I took alot pics there.
And second beach: Pantai Baron=regular sand, dark water, huge island at left and right, big waves, and sounds not too good for me. I'm not ahuge fan of those. I bought a cute souvenir! There is the thing u need to bring and remember if u went to the beach:
1. An extra clothes (shorts, tshirts, underwears! anything in extra)
2. Plastics bag
3. An extra towel
4. Bath stuff
5. Own cosmetic stuff
she wore: unbranded top, MOBILE POWER jeans, unbranded purse
i wore: unbranded long dress, ELLE tote bag, CONVERSE

what i wore at the beach: unbranded long dress, unbranded short, BATA sandals
Stood by at Rumah Makan Padang, I'm not a huge fan of Rendang, I prefer to Otak Goreng, Paru Goreng, and stuff. But my mom says I still had to eat!
We straight to home after it, it's been so much fun even just a short holiday time at all, but still have some of that: togetherness and greatness. We heading to home by Joglo Semar's bus. All I ever can say was: welcome back Semarang.