Marathon: December Ends

Huraaayyyy! It's December and 2012 almost over! My mom, big sister, little brother and I went downtown at the mall by taxi (the best way to go) and just walking. I bought a bra, and they were totally cute at all! There was yellow, blue, and purple! Look at those bras! So cute and cuter! Also bought a biger miror I ever owned, the case doesn't that cute but I don't have any choice.
The best thing when I was at the mall: eat a fresh bakery! It was so delicious and tasted unbelievable! I went to Vancolla and Bread Life. And Bread Life is one of my fave bakery ever! I can actually sees the kitchen and how they carry a cooked cookies! Wow!!!
And have a dinner at McD, I mean where else am I gonna go when kids coming to the mall. He can't eat a steak, and an adults meals. So he just can eat frech fries, fried chicken, cold milo, and stuff.
 my fave nail color in those December! I'm in shock!

Outfits detail : Unbranded Semi-blazered outer. Dual Jeans. Sophie Martin watch. Nichersiz bag. Details clog.