January Is Beach Time

Hiya! So excited finally got my self on the beach and refreshed my mind like my mind is newer, heheh I'm so overated! I went to Jepara's beach with my mom's office mate by the bus. Still it called Beach, isn't it?
I love these backpack!
Pond's, yeah
First destination was Makam Sunan Kalijaga, Demak, I don't really like went to place like that, u know there's so much of funeral and scared me for sure.

Second destination was Pantai Kartini, it was look like kinda harbour and place for ship stood by I think. By train called Kura-kura we ride around the beach, and so bad luck happened we can't possibly went to Pulau Panjang because the sea is going wild. I bought a souvenir.
look at that giant turtle!

Third destination, at last and only: Pantai Bandengan, I'm so excited finally get there bcs friends of mine told me that those beach are great and beautiful. And, it is beautiful.

Final, Kudus!