February's Purchased and Favorite 2013!!

Finally, the thing I've been waited every month: doing a month's favorites. I am super duper excited since I made this thing on 'This Month' labled on October 2012. I didn't know why I started to kept my recently stuff I bought every month properly since I made month's favorites posts. I think that would be good for me. And, I'm going to add Month's favorites & purchased!
Okay, talking February. What crossed my mind? Yuup, Valentines and Lunar New Year. Unfortunely, I didn't celebrated those big day like I used to, I've been pretty desprated with whole college stuff ever since January. I joined SP (Semester Pendek: Short Semester) hoping that I could rebuild my old semester's grade and get better degree.
But, I did bought things as usual every month and for sure, I categoried every different kind, such as:
Random, this is for a thing such as pen, book, spidol marker, makeup case, etc. Wearable, for clothes, shoes, trousers, purses. Routine, things I used everyday such as lotion and day cream. Daily, this category for things I used in my daily time such as makeup remover, body scrub, baby cream, etc. Makeup Product, obviously this is for makeup product.
There they are:
1. Vaseline Aloe Fresh: Never tried these one, but always using Vaseline as my lotion for years. Recomended from Rizky Ghaisani, she using those forever and also smelt refreshning.
2. Bic Razor:Teen Colours: When I saw these it was cathcing my eyes they have 3 different colors such as blue, pink  and green. It was soft and easy to clean out.
3. Maybelline Eyestudio-Cooper Brown: This was my very first time bought Maybelline eyeshadow since 5 years ago. I wasn't kinda eyeshadow girl, but it was an exception. It worked so great, natural and fresh.
4. Maybelline Hyper Curl Waterproof Mascara: My second time bought these mascara. I'm not kinda girl who always changing my makeup stuff so I kept bought the same product.
5. Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner: My very first time bought gel liner, actually I recently loved it.
6. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm: I bought these before and so great. I kept telling my self to bought similar product not in the same time straightly, because I think that was useless.
7. Maybelline Make Up Remover Eye&Lip: I don't have to cleaning my face twice! Well done Maybelline!
8. Pixy Colors of Delight Line & Shadow: I delight in trying to find other product and keep trying to find two in one product. I've found the pencil that could be used as liner and eye shadow, it was Pixy.
9. Pixy Colors of Delight Bold to Last Gel Eyeliner: Kinda other gel liner but it was more thicker, and bolder. Even so rare using this I loved the package.
10. LT Pro Longer Wear Eye Liner-Black: Using these almost every single day of my days and worked so nicely perfectly easy-to-use. It wasn;t inexpensive, it does expensive, but it does worth for ur eyes.
11. Johnson's baby cream: I admit the way I loved using baby stuff, kinda treat my self as a baby when using them, and they were so soft and soft.
12. Nivea Creme: I fell in love with their package. That was the first time hits on brain. Bold blue, with typical Nivea. I never using these before.
13. Nivea Soft: Yup, reminds me when I was 13 playing basket with my girls on school field, I used these after I'm doing exercise and great. That's all I can say.
14. Pepsodent Double Care Sensitive Tooth Brush: I loves bought large product in one case, so I don't have to go get them again and again. My teeth was kinda sensitive.
15. Happydent White-Strawberry Mint: I enjoyed these gum since I was I loved having Happydent after I ate.
16. Vege Blend 21 jr Food Suplement: Another fool mistake, I bought these vitamin and I didn't read the sign: For Kids. Thank u for my self and for my eyes.
17. Supravit Vitamin: I went to school 5 days a week, did jogging almost 6 days a week, and hang out w/ my friends if I'd like to it could be everyday, and going date w/ B, again if I'd like to it could be nonstop, so my mom gave me vitamin. It was important to keep u healthy in various activities.
18. Various nail colors