Sunday Tells Blue

I knew my trouser wasn't exactly like the hot trouser for now, but I just got them after I ordered them like 6 months ago. She says she just got my text and reordering for me. Not a good attitude but can't be blamed.
We went to my Aunt's home with my mom, sister and lil' brother. He seems too excited when I'm done dressing. He asked my sister for dressing him up too, he can't really talk, but his body language tells me. I wore these top before in Warm Bodies's post. Nothing goes wrong about that, except: my disaster hair. So, we took a cab going to nearest grocery store. Stop at Mr. Games having a little adventure time for Rakka.
Second destination: TOYS. As always kid do, buy a toys: cars. Third: shopping. Fourth: lunch. I have no idea where we going to eat, under my despration face I decided to having a lunch at Mc Donald's. everybody likes it. I'm having Chicken Snack Wrap which I have never tasted before. Taste good, enough for lunch. I snaped enough pictures.