March's purchased & favorites 2013!

I have no idea why i was always been late for posting everything here, seems like my blog is not updated. Once i had a time for my blog, and i posted alot posts to 5 posts. I don't like them actually emm what can i do? Being a busy college-girl is all i ever wanted in my life but i'm getting tired doing this, i have to comite my decision, right?
And because i was so busy this month i can't bring my self to shoping center even to nearest one, even if i could, i didn't buy my daily needs i bought a water. This is all i got this month because my last purchased is still filled.

Check out my baby cream, let me tell you why? I loved every products of babies because they smells like a baby (for sure), soft, and 100% made from natural ingredients. And, pleas dont laugh i bought a spoon and fork in Doraemon package, they're so cute!