Catch the Light Nite

I have been such a huge fan of insomnia for these past 5 years, none even can't made me be in bed eralier, i wanted to, but these eyes, and brain they kept working even late nite, i knew this was not healthy at all, but ive been going to an expert, they says i have to rests more often, doesn't make any sense.
Lately, i have a new crush with a GOLD, i knew it wasn't the Spring's color, because the Spring's color for this year was Nude. I'm in love with every those gold. Ma mind says: just go with the Gold. This was my fave nail of this week.

Did you see those sparkles? Sprinkles? Glow? Gold? That was what i'm talking about.
Btw, i'm going back to my oldie sleeping dress. I loved those prints.

My dream-catcher is still hanging around my bed, and i have been spicing up my room this week, a bit changes could lead to million things, btw. so change your bedroom as much as u want, it could change your main set and refreshing your busy brain.