Raka's Day Out

As known as my weekly routine (not that routine) we have always took our youngest family member to Simpang Lime, as known as Car Free Day on Sunday, and there was so many nickname for those.
Last week, we found Rakka is a bit unwell because cough and fever, not in dangerous condition, but it was getting in to.

 unclaimed girl on road :p

 ma beloved old comfy converse

 ma adore Volcom from my bestie: Dilla Maulida Prasojo

One thing i have always like about Sunday, big breakfast. I think these was the only quality time we had as a little family having a breakfast in one table together. Had a quick breakfast at Soto Kudus Mbak Nik
 Btw, every single time we went out Rakka was always got his new car
ma little cop!

I had a great time