Today My LIfe Begins

Woke up earlier than usuall, and starving, and came home so late in my personal watch. With a noon sun is smelt all over my blouse, and my body. My sister says it was my own stink, in badly.
Again, stole my sister's new top in her closet when she already took off working, and amazingly it was the perfect size on me. I loved the color, seems like peachy orange or rose pink, whatever, i love it. When she cam home she find out these top is on laundry basket and she wonders who wore them and she just knew it was me hehehe =D

I'm kinda makeup girl all the time, i don't want to having a messed face when i went out for school, hang out, or others. My daily makeup was: Maybelline eyshadow, Maybelline gelliner, and Maybelline Lipsmooth color, you can see them on my previous post. It doesn't look over after all, and natural. That's what i choose in my daily college day.

Outfits detail : Unbranded Loose Peach Sleeve