Mess Mess Mess

Haiii guys, its been so long since last time i wrote in my blog about my daily life, and stuff. And its been like crazy days i ever had and all those school things are crazy and busy. Everytime i turned my pc on ive always stayed in Google doing college projects and didnt have any time for blogging :( it was killing me because i took my daily life and ive already packed them into one folder named as my post name, and i still posting them anyway hihi.
Btw, this May is been my blessed month because my friends and Mom having birthday this month, id like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Aulia Malta Lungidta, my partner in crime since Soto still Rp2.000, i will posting about her birthday soon, and Kartiana Reny Diah Sukmawati, my dearest Mom, which is having birthday today! May 20th, OMG mom, i hope u will still behind me, above me, beside me, accompany me untill i creating great family of my own just like u did. Last, Gita Sobrina Alhabsyi, at May 21st, tomorrow, i hope shes be alright :)
And, for these couples of months, ive been searching and writing about my future plan and my travel plan. Im not travel kinda girl, but after Aulia Malta Lungidta as known as Uli told me her last trip to Bali, how great it was, how fun it was, and how difficult it was when she, Gita Sobrina as known as Ina, and Duhita Imanas as known as Dita put their stuff into their trolley bag when they came home. They told me about the flight, hotel, destination, shopping, and holiday for sure. Ive been to Bali about 4 years ago, its been so long and i need to see the 2013's Bali! And we decided Bali is NOT the right destination and i suggested them: SINGAPORE. Ive never been to Singapore, it would be my first time, and once again im not travel kinda girl, i dont like travel, take a trip, or outtown holiday. This year, would be my first travel trip. And Singapore, ive heard it was great and so much fun there ;) and i cant wait to make my first pasport, buy my first abroad tickets and packing my stuff into trolley bag. I hope so!
And i have some kinda plan or ambission for this year :
  • Start my own jewelry line
  • Lose weight to 12 pounds
  • Colored my hair to Isla Fisher's hair color
  • Get my camera fix or buy a new one
  • Repainted my room
  • Get my best IPK to passed semester 4
  • Get a job!!!!
  • Finishes my unfinished business
  • Start my fairnessbrigtherwhiter-skin-program
And, i hope everything is gonna be alright and great :)