Doing A Projects and Drunk

And, over and over i went out to Peacock Coffee and met Mumun and my friends discussed our magazine project. So as usuall time i arrived very earlier and sooner at Peacock Coffee and ordered my favorite menu Choco Wafel and Buble Gum.
When Mumun is arrives, i ordered again and again Burger and Greentea Latte because ive been waiting for about an hour. And, we have reaching the answer of our continues untouched project: move faster. That was all, what else? Because i have been workin out with such a great, lazy, dickface, unresponsible friends which is kept me waiting for 2 weeks and wasted my time for those 2 weeks. I was wrong about them, they dont deserve my second chances i gave to them, and i should have to deserve better ha? I mean, ive been workin by my self and running out deadline and ideas and my gas. I came to Nasima, home, school, and everything was gettin overwhelmed when my mind is gettin pretty fuckin tired too.
And the next day... Let me just say i was gettin over too much went to Peacock Coffee and i found my self is turned to bird like peacock. I was so gettin pretty freakin out when got textes from my friends if those deadline for my magazine project is not in the schedule, they actually is changes the deadline and makes them earlier, how great was that? I was like looking my self and i found a perfect punches, perfect hites, perfect word to screamin out loud to my bedroom walls. There wasnt anybody could blame to, i just blaming it all over my self. And, this is would be the final meeting at Peacock Coffee, and were ready to take our paper to printing mechine.
Btw, i did tried something new on the menu, accoding to the bartender, i should tried Vanilla Latte and Chicken Pasta and sounds like Guichi or Gusi or Pastel i think, i dont really hear to the bartender. Pretty much liked it, i was so glad its goin to be over soon.
Look at those purple top girl who taking a picture with those pink cardigan girl!