Her Pregnancy + Baby Born

It was so great read a message textes from B that her oldest sister is borned a baby at May 9th at Hermina Hospital downtown. Im actually read his textes when i woke up in the morning, and we (B and i) decided to seeing her baby in the evening. And, i received her last pictures when shes in old pregnant, ive heard the mite if a woman is having a baby boy, her body is getting darker, but i dont think that mite is into her :)))) and shes still pretty as before and still in the same weight, i can not imagine what i will look like if i pregnant years later :OOOO
 i saw her first baby was a BOY, she must be so happy :D and he was just so tiny little baby with his fragile body, i dont know his name yet because Mbak Ayu didnt told me yet.

Happy 0th Birthday for my future-cousin-in-law :) i love u already