Blur Pink

Hi friends? How are u? Im okay :))
Today, i woke up very early and shower in the morning. And, making up my face for a fresh look and just browsed for makeup above glasses and i did pretty good i think. I found those project in here and it was awsome :) I wasnt really followed the steps there, by adjusting my makeup products, i followed the steps almost like in similar. Luckily, i just bought a highlighter cream :D
Cant take a pic because im no longer dont have any camera. im on mission to have one :) wish me luck
And, here is my few crazy faces:

Im now actually a camera junkie. Since B's camera is returned, i started to take a pic using this webcam. And did u know? Im learning how to using Windows 7 now, im gettin smarter :))
At those pics above, i found those top at the bottom of my closet :)