6 Tips: Avoiding 'CANT SLEEP WONT SLEEP' nights

At nite i cant barely slept so i make my self busy as i can. Its been goin on for about five years ago it was killing me because my eyes tells me to sleep and my mind tells me to wake. It confused me alot, i do want to had a good nite sleep. So, i keep makes my self get busier untill im gettin tired and sleep.
These are my ways to sleep:
1. Make my brain, hands, eyes and feet are workin.
2. Doing an DIY projects for nothing.
3. Reorganized my stuff then i will think how to makes them tidy.
4. Take alot of photographs. I think that is why camera made for me.
5. Writing an online and offline diary or journal.
6. Close all window and door. Lock the door. Turn the lights off. Blanket on.
These nite, i did my fun photograph. i took a pic of my eyes :) it was actually brown, i didnt know it.

I dont know, it works for me :) these nite, i did well and at least sleeps more than eight hours per day. I have recieved the info that stay all nite is not friendly to ur body. It causes so many problems and new complications. My complications is when i need to wake up very early in the morning for morning classes or do stuff, im gettin so CAN NOT MOVE over my bed. Even i have already opens my both eyes, still. And an old complications is being late, less beauty, caused a HUGE DARK eyes in undereye, unhealthy. I have tried to avoiding those complication and 'stay all nite' bad habbit all these past years.