Once Upon a Time, Saturday Noon to Evening

Here i am, with my friends: Sombret and Mumun, showing all the best we had, and struggling with each laptop to getting over into our college-works. I know i was one to blame i dont think about everything everybody else, i dont and i cant failed them again, this is my fight to laptop and our magazine-work-project: Ecoula must be done in time
We picked a right venue to clear up our mind: Peacock Coffee and also Peacock Coffee is on our Spot. Btw, we were workin' on something big and put our big hope together we will get an A. Fast and faster!
I had Choco Wafel and Bubble Gum for lunch! yum!
Ladies Day on Monday!
And, perfect Greentea Latte for my evening meal while waiting for my ride!