White and Spaghetti

My lunch plus my dinner today was Spaghetti. As my home-alone typical is applied into my software and hardware, I set my home-alone meal is something easy, and spaghetti is one of easy meal ever. I can get them in almost every food-store, and dont forget about a cheap thing, it kinda my pressed-money meal. Instant spaghetti makes one
Ingredients :
La Fonte instant spaghetti with Bolognese Sauce (optional. If you like the other brand well you can just go make them)
one garlic + onion, small chop
one tbs vegetable oil / olive oil
one tbs ketchup (I love tomate flavor, if you don't like it and want to make your sauce more spicy you can add a chili sauce or chili abon)
one egg
one tsp salt + pepper
How : first cook your paste into a boiled water on a boiling pan with a one tablespoon of vegetable or olive oil on it, let it cook, mine took five minutes and don't forget salt + pepper. I love adding something on my spaghetti sauce so I add a scrambled egg today and all you have to do is cook you egg. Third, you're about to cook your spaghetti sauce. Preheat your stove, frying pan with an oil. Sauce first, then salt + pepper, ketchup and scrambled egg.
And I serve a nice Mirai Ocha tea. I mixed both flavors and turns out really great.