10 Things: Impossible at Breakfast

After i have rewatched Alice In Wonderland the other day she just flashing back my memories the way she remember 6 impossible things before breakfast. I love it. And inspired by Alice and my own 'impossible things' i listed it down below:

  1. Animals can talk. I wonder how is it seems if animals can talk and it might be more funny when i could talk to animals, hear what they say and sharing stories.
  2. Milk in the morning. I bet u have drank milk in the morning but for me if i did, i dont know what to say.
  3. Breakfast with the Queen.
  4. Listening to One Direction.
  5. Cat could flies.
  6. Butterflies lives forever.
  7. Chocolate delivery in the morning.
  8. There is place called wonderland.
  9. Capucino at dining table.
  10. There is a fruit could shrink.
And those are my very own version of 10 Things: Impossible at Breakfast. What is yours? I know it might be seems too weird but i love it. How about u? Have u listed ur 10 Things already?