Sunshine Seeker

Its been like a fulled class week all week long, all those papers work and folders are definitely kills me and make me busier. B and i decided to take a road to the cafe he was talking about since a month ago. Widia and Febi, B's classmate are coming with us too. It located at Sidomukti, Bandungan. Ever heard? It featured at Trans TV months or years ago, but i need to climbing up higher to get there. And all of my sacrificing are payed. I didnt bring B's camera and the good news is Widia is bring one.
I love the setting on it. I can see there is 19 on the outdoor table. The cafe has two table setting, indoor and outdoor.
 This is Febi and Widia :)
And thanks to Widia giving me this amazing Etude House Face Powder. It was secondhanded but i really love it. Look at those cute bow? Isnt it cute?

We took alot of pics and sorry i have to uploaded them here :p
 My mom's purse she got it from friends.
 B's lunch eh what else?
I can say that all the foods and drinks WAS NOT GREAT as much i expected.
And, these pics below were what Widia and Febi did to us. They wont stop doing a nonstop shots. And we just WONT stop.

This venue is adding my venue list for my engagement party next year and my wedding three next years. This venue just great and so green and so pretty. And it has about three to four villas which i could stay there in case im on holiday with B or friends :)
And, i love this trip so much BUT i have some huge mistaken i made during the trip and everything in :
1. Not prepared. I have to bring like jacket or tshirt or shorts if i knew it. Just look at my top and jeans. And my jeans are the biggest mistake at all: to honest it was kinda too big at my size.
2. There is no comb. OMG! This is my another mistakes i made that i didnt had any combs either Widia or Febi. Bad hair day just created.
3. No sunscreen applied. Sun is shining so bright and what else? No sunscreen? Just great. When i came home my skin feels like burning.
4. Not enough money.

BUT it still fun. Look at me how i cuddled with B :)