Weekend Wedding

This week um i mean last week i was attending two weddings at Thursday and Sunday. It was quite a lovely wedding BUT one thing i hate when wedding was people gettin crazy when FOOD are allowed to eat. It was just two houses away from mine and i decided to wear something nice and simple. My sister just learned how to love childrens. She doesnt like them even when she does shes not a huge fan of childrens.
I'm wearing: Dress: Unbranded / Shoes: Connexion
And if u see my feet and my shoes are bigger than my feet that it was totally true. It was my sister's and even my sister didnt fit to that shoes. But it was a lovely shoes, and blue.
Recently, Rakka was gettin closer to childrens's next door and every weekend he always played with them. And, i love wedding. What else could i say?