10 Things: What I Love At Weekend

I love when weekend comes. I am a huge fan of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They have been my bestie for years and i feel so happy to them when they just come around the corner, especially when Thursday. It reminds me that weekend is about to coming. I have wrote about weekend seeker before but it wasnt the topic or the label, it was a post title. So, i was so inspiring whole weekend and decide to write it down.
10 Things I Love: Weekend :

1. An afternoon bathe time. And, i am kinda lazy girl who stopped my self when it comes to bathe and water. Years ago, this bad habbit is become my hobby. Even my classmates and teacher are often to asked me 'have you take a bath this morning'? At weekend, i like to keep on track my old bad habbit. 10.30AM showering are perfect for me :)

2. Have a Me Time. My sister, my mom and i werent exactly a huge fan of weekend treatment and weekend salon time. I couldnt hold my self to sat for hours in salon seat and someone is doing my hair well (even). My mom took us to a local salon to get her hair fixed for lookin great at her midle school reunion.

3. Visit a local boutique. Recently, my sister and i are visited local mom and kid's boutique at weekend. She is goin to find a perfect sweater for Rakka. No luck. There is no perfect ones.

4. Drink an afternoon ice. It almost summer already and the weather is gettin warmer. Even it wasnt Summer, i have always enjoy an afternoon ice. I like iced drinks.

5. Unhealthy snacks. Its weekend, what am i gonna eat for lunch? Spinach? Carrot? Nah, i ate something unhealthy contained in frozen foods, unknown ingredients siomay, unknown bakso ikan. This is not extremely recomended for ur everyday meals.

6. See my mom's reunion photographs. It was so fun take a look what my moom took at her reunion. She met her friends who havent met her for these past 30 years. Hihi cute

7. Find an undiscovered biscuit. I know it is not exactly like i have eaten vanilla cookies. This is Oreo Golden i stole from my brother cabinet.

8. Night-late breaks. This weekend's night-late break is snack something called Otak-Otak. This is traditional snack, i love eating traditional snack.

9. Blogging. Actually i blogs everyday. But at weekend, i can blogging all day all night long even one weekend i blogged nonstop.

10. Home date. Soooo fun when  i made something nice and simple for family, friends or for B like a cup of vanilla tea (i use fashioned vanilla tea), ceremint milk (i pour a regular vanilla milk in pan with a medium heated and added 1 teaspoon of powdered ceremint and a bit of sand sugar) or mixed vegetables omelette (i make a regular omelette and added chops of carrot, spinach, bean pees, selery, one small onion. i usually add everything greens or vegetables)

And, how is ur weekend? Fun?