Mixed Feelings

Tuesday i felt so dont wanna move abit in my bed to do my daily routine. Sorry friends, this is not a right exampler to all of u, sometimes my lazy-mode just goin ON and takes time to cooling it down :)
I have been received my orders from Oriflame, yay! Finally, Oriflame Beauty Reveal Kit is already in my door and i used them for the first time :D and i have no idea how to using them properly, it was a cream highlighters shadow and they separated into three different colors. I named them into color number one, number two and number three by brighter into darker. I have already figured it out if the brighter color is definitely for based color. I applied number one first evenly. Number two and number three is right above after i applied number one.

Finally, using these LT Pro Longer Wear Eyeliner properly. Since i bought it at January, i wasnt exactly wearing them daily. I thought it was too expensive with that size, but it actually works great :) Here's my final look! (P.S. : dont using any blushes).
And i styled my hair just go with the braided it from top to toe. I love when i took them below the sun at my dining room. My hair looks brighter, and this was exactly my dream hair color! When i unbraided my hair for nothing, my hair is gettin wavy and i love it. I finally find my own no-iron-hair project :)