Uncle and Aunt's Open House

Hai friends! Its been a sunny day in my hometown and i just found a pics and notepad under the name 'Aji and Yuni Open House' and i quickly go to my blog posts and ta da! I havent uploaded them yet hehehe it was actually in last May.
So, let me tell u about my sweet uncle and aunt whom lately bought their new home. We were invited to joining them to their open house and this was the first time my big families is visiting their home. And i invited B to came along with me and i will introducing him to my family.
Now, time to take the plate!
B was looking exhausted after taken his holiday and just got back in the morning we went
The ice cream were melted but its gettin more fun
Look at that forced face to smiles! And im off of my teeth
Rakka met my little cousin and he straight to give him a kisses
B was go his new beanie when we went the other day
And, for this outfit i just picked them up randomly!
I'm wearing: Tank: Silverstone / Vest: Rox Jeans / Jeans: Dual / Shoes: Paradonte
Lets talk about fashion abit.
My aunt wearing a gorgeous red top and she paired it with legging and i think that the most comfortable outfit ever when u gather ur family in ur living room. U dont have to be like formal look, keep it simple:)

We straight to home after eating and talking with family about hours and now we're going home.

Thank you, Aji and Yuni and Gilbert, Abimanyu and Key. You guys rock and may ur new living bring u happiness!