21 June

So, today is 21 June. I know the sign and i have checked the calendar, reminder, and alarm... it is my 20th birthday. I felt so blesssed. And today Summer is about to begin even i cant really feel Summer in my town , we dont have Summer here. But i still thankful to Allah, let me living in my world, standing, facing the era and alive.
It might be so different than my last birthday. I celebrated my birthday by lunch with my best girl and boy friends and enjoying my birthday as much as i can. I mean there is so much parties and celebrations last birthday, not only mine, my friends too. I have been thinking to changed the traditions at all. No more wild lunch or diner birthday. No more karaoking for hours. And no more present. But for present, i might be undo anythin i have written. I love presents, everytime. When birthday, definitely! So, present are in but i cant bring my self to second regreted when i didnt received presents as much as i wanted, its not fair if i expect present that much.
I just find out that today is also World Skateboarding Day, so Happy Skateboarding Day everyone! OMG there is so many celebration this day and i hope my birthday will be much happier than before. And one thing for sure, much meant to be. Years ago, i hate my birthday especially when June is about to coming, exams, homeworks, projects, and anythin school stuffed. Even today is still the same June like years ago, id rather to stayed home, stucked in my bed, and have internet above my chest. I have already asked my mom to reminds me if my birthday is about to coming and for these past weeks i have been very busy to my college projects and homeworks. I know i can survive in anythin it just takes a few times for me to off and start fresh.
This is my birthday, i guess i might want some things to be listed in 10 Things: 21 June first before i go to the next topic :

  1. I hope that my company profile video projects and community magazine projects might be done very soon before my final exam started next week;
  2. I hope i can be wiser, more patient, be a great girl, stronger, great planner, good saver; better dreamer; great traveler; succes carrier woman; wonderful future mother and anythin good i ever wished for that can not be decribes in words;
  3. Get a birthday wishes from Mr. President of Indonesia: Susilo Bambang Y. ,  Elsie & Emma from A Beautiful Mess, Katie from Skunkboy Blog and Bethany Mota from Youtube Guru MacBarbie07. If they did, this would be best birthday ever!!;
  4. My mom get me a birthday cake. Its not really our traditions to blow up our birthday candles but i wanna have moment like that this year :);
  5. B is get me surprised by his surpises and he did pretty good last year and he is just no show until this evening;
  6. Receive birthday wishes from friends, trust me i will be able to cry even when i checked my Twitter and Facebook and textes from friends even my old childhood friends are remembered my birthday;
  7. I really hope my families are here with us right now, we havent really celebrate each birthday for maybe dekade;
  8. My room is cleaner and brighter and maybe it will takes months to do that because since my redecoration room projects is cant be done for now i have to pending them to seek out a perfect time emm maybe when this semester and final exam is over;
  9. Have (any) camera because since B is using them all i have is webcam nothing else remains and even my cellphone cant be used :(
  10. I have long lasting age and Allah let me to do the biggest duty ever to sharing my happiness to unlucky people and give happiness to my parents make them proud! And share my happiness to beloved friends, best friends in my life, and for anyone in my life
I listed too many wishes :)
Happy 21 June my friends :) I love u guys :*