Cmon Please Be Fun

Last Monday, my team and i are goin to presenting our work pieces to class. And i think i did pretty good by answering all questions nicely and correctly. There is just one thing, my outfit isnt really a proper ones to presentation. But doesnt matter.
I prefer to be a natural beauty look because for me Monday is kinda beginning of week and i need to start it with something freshed and great even maybe it has nothing to do with tha after all LOL
This pin is actually been moving around someone elses handed and finally coming back to me after i founded it at B's sister hair :)
Even i just presented my works with friends for less than an hour, but its killing me how other students at class doesnt payed attention to us, sometimes i staired to them so they knew i was asking for attentions.
Class is over, now what? Lunch? Yes.
Btw, that day my campus were throwin a little bazaar filled with boutiques and food outlets.

We (Sarah, Adien and i) ate a cupcakes at Seni Rasa and i choosed an Apple Cramble. Lets forget about my cupcakes.

Red Purple on bazaar.