Helloooo there!
As known as Kristika Dwi Candrasari. True Javanese girl who lives in Semarang, Jawa Tengah as a Public Relations student, blogger, fashion seeker, amateur traveler, and a wonderstruck of beautiful things.

Born in June 21st, 1993, with a crazy dark brown hair. 5 feet and 116 pounds. She love to doing a various experiments. She taught English for an elemantary kids. She adores yellow, alot.

She blogs about how her life and everything on it. She tries to blog about creating a pretty life and passion.
On Pretty Pig Town you will find daily thought and daily inspiration.

She loves Fashion. But she decide not go too deep before everyone elses judge her. She was inspired by Zuhair Murad's collection, Vivanne Westwood, Kendall & Kylie Jenner, Katie Shelton, Ann Margareth, Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy, and Isla Fisher. She is 'be heeled' kinda girl.

She listened to A Rocket To Moon, Never Shout Never, Jamestown Story, Jonas Brothers, One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Karmin and The S.I.G.I.T. She realized that her taste of music are random, she don't wanna get too attached by single kind of genre.

About OINK BUNDELL nick name. She started to had a crush to local brand as known as Oink! The Piggest Company. Which she is still fell in love to that brand as well. When a Friendster boom just about to crashed, she decide to create a ridicilously crazy nick name. So, OINK BUNDELL is born.

She likes to blogging, oink!, making video, traveling, cooking, creating something up, writting as a thoughtful person, Europe's guys, pets, bright colors, yellow, baked macaroni, homemade donuts, peanut butter, sweets taste, vanilla, camera, lemon tea and staying home.

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Hi friends! I started to blogging on June 2008. I wrote Bahasa at first, but continuing writes English language so my blog able to read world wide. My biggest obsessions is be an amazing blogger, an author, open a restaurant and work as Public Relations Officer!
You better grab a tea or hot choco and a little snacks around your other hand while your other hand is holding your tea cup while reading my blog. It is gonna be like, epic.

Thanks you for visiting my blog.
I am so glad you are here.

Xo. Krist.