Ready-To-Go Summer Back Pack 2013

Summer! Is for: vacation. And beach would be like good destination for me and boyfriend. Just took a very short beach time we went to local beach, there are no white sands, or hot life guards, or boat to sealing the sea. Just a couple rocks and a quick sunset.
I love Summer!
Did u see that? I just brought my crop top and short on my back pack. Chooose a very think ones, it will helps u to manage ur carries. And also Sunnies! Love it!
We cant go to beah without some SPF protector. But i managed my self and my face to not go to like sunny-addicted which will burns my face instantly. But i cant be kiddin about lips issue. It has to be covered by some SPF. That is why i lickin me lips using Maybelline Baby Lips and Maybelline Color Lip Balm.
I am so ready to vacation!!!

Xo. Krist.