Summer Daylight Purse 2013

I love Summer time. Even that many fame designers, fashion blogger and celebrity and also stylist are includes has recommended to wearing somethin chic, neon, brighter, brave and catches eyes.
I had rather to back in basic ways. I love (seriously) bright yellow, green, orange, green, blue, red and purple, like so much. This time, please allow me to back in basic for a while. So just bought my self these lovely Monogram Cherry Blossom by Louis Vuitton! And this was a vintage one. My mom has already owned them about twelve years ago (dramatic enough?) and she resisted me to unbought this purse as well. I cant. This is love at first sight.
There are (above to bottom) a matches Monogram Cherry Blossom wallet to my purse from Louis Vuitton as well, coin wallet from Flashy, glasses case from Optik Pandanaran, cosmetics pouch from More Magazine, pocket camera + case from Sony, transparant case, comb from Customs, daily journal from Gramedia, and also there is a few of my Summer essentials from Oriflame, Ponds and Vaseline.
And these very 70's Vintage sunnies are from Dad when he was 20s.
As usual, these transparant little case are useful and friendly!
How about if i want to go to: TRANSPARANT ?
Summer essentials :D
Coins are important!
Pocket camera is every girl's must have
See, i told u it is matched to the purse!!
All-in-one cosmetic case!
I am a journal kinda girl, so dont judge :(

So, hows ur Summer goin on? Fun? Beach?
For me purses are the weapon to FASHION (i dont know what to say!!)

Xo. Krist.