Craziest Swimming Suits for Summer 2013

So, i took a look to fashion shows report from many bloggers and online news and stuff. But im not much for fashion shows and fashion people. Not experted. But im much to seeing, and being 'wow' of each reports, and also adoring the looks.
Here i am, try to posting the runways reports. Im not really sure what kinda of these fashion shows bellow. But just the time i typed: Summer Suits Trends.
at this look, i think the Mermaid's blue hair is back in town. I like this swimming-suit!
one thing i dont really like is the orange boot. who will wearing boots to the pool, i think.
 this bikini is extremely gold and stunning. i need to be clear to this that this is really nice and quite u know, back to 80's and 90's time. but dont try to hug her, it will be hurts.
okay, seriously. this bikini is so, weird yet exotic.
 leathered and studded crop top is cool. this is actually my very first time seeing those experimentals swimming suit.
 the old-fashioned and vintage swimming suits are back to the town. many people would think: i did see that on my grandma's closet.
looks like i had a huge crush on this swimming suit. look how sweet and pastel! and perfect to goin out for pool and beach for Summer!
OMG! i dont know about u guys, but i think this jumpsuit is way TOO weird. for girls, yes. but for boys, no! i can see all people are laughing by this!
okay, that gold studded and a little sequined hat is cute. i barely knows if i owned this, where will i wears this hat? question left.
OMG! dont get me wrong, but i think there is a huge mistaken about this beach pants.
polkadot, okay for me yes. but this model are maybe take a wrong pant. and there is a (lookslike) bow around it! Hah.
this swim suit is great. pastel, peachy. perfect. and what i love the most is that huge 3D or real flowers on model's hair!
how an exotic swimming suit! i think those are kinda thin sweater made by wool. but i prefet to have my bra on if wearing this.
i dont know about this guy, but who will wears their bikinis plus *I DONT KNOW WHAT IT CALLS ?
manset? NOOOOO!
sexy pirates are ready to takes over ur boat! fun for showing off with friends before swim. 
arent they cute? but may looks way too weird to me, although. 

What do u think? As a fahion amateur, i love giving my opinions and views about fashion, too.
I dont know.

Xo. Krist.