Kate & William's Baby Boy

Growing up with British influences, I also looked forward to British news and I specificied them to my new crush: Kate Middleton. And she just having a cute baby boy the other day! Im soo soo happy for them both and also Prince William. I knows not much about Royal England Family thing, but still loves them.
They appears today (i think) and it was posted in Yahoo! and i straightly saved their conferences with a baby boy mostly on William's arm.

They were wearing blue! Love it so much.
And i have a few suggestion of their baby boy names, personally :

  1. Albert. As known as Queen Elizabeth's died husband. I think it is soo sweet named ur baby after ur great grandpa's name. It will be helps u out to memorized the looks of him.
  2. Ryder. Too weird? But an unique baby names could u know, meaning. Even though i have no idea what Ryder means. But it is cute.
  3. Spencer. Mentioned to Royal Family's siblings!
  4. Isaac. Wish that the baby will be smart as Isaac Newton. Yeaa, that is sp weird.
  5. Neptun. Okay, dont laugh. Its a nickname for Neptunus. But i think Kate & William wont be choosing that name.
  6. Jasper. I know what u thinking. I love Twilight-Saga, like alot. So why dont named Katie & William's name after Jasper? Hehehe.
  7. Theodore. I think about Theodore on Oz so i took these name.
  8. Ezra. This name just, so cute. And maybe need to be finish like Ezrafinn? Too weird.
  9. Edward. Lets go back to the 40's 50's 60's maybe older era. And also Twilight-Saga !
  10. Hayden. No reason.

Xo. Krist.